A Bundle of crafts, hats, and accessories


El Tambache was created after travelling around the world and being inspired by all of the beautiful unique crafts and clothing we saw. We wanted to share and promote these beautiful handmade treasures in our community.


I grew up in El Salvador and spent much of my childhood at the Mercado Central where my family had a small craft business. I was inspired to import handmade crafts from El Salvador and Guatemala with the vision of helping out small artisan families from those countries. Over the years we have forged strong working relationships with many small crafters and continue to work with them.


El Tamache became a thriving business after years of hard work and long hours spent vending at music, arts, and cultural festivals. We have recently begun to design and import wool items from Nepal and, combined with the Central American crafts, we have found the perfect balance of both countries in a fair trade environment.


El Tambache knitwear is cozy and stylish. Our unique designs combine Canadian quality with Nepali and Central American craftsmanship to bring you pieces that are both fashionable and functional all year long. El Tambache supports fair trade, meaningful wages, and responsible manufacturing. Below you'll find a few samples of hats and mittens from our winter collection. Feel free contact us for more information and where to find us.

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